Open-Source Software Developer - India

  • Are you tired of working in a formal corporate environment?
  • Do you want your hard work to make the world a better place?
  • Do you want to move away from the polluted, noisy cities?
  • Are you looking for a long-term position that is NOT going to make you richer, yet is likely to make you happier?
  • Do you share our belief in free, open-source code, without royalties and patents?

If you answered “yes” to all the above questions, please read on.

De Novo Group ( is a Berkeley-based (CA, USA) non-profit research and development organization that is bringing affordable and high-quality broadband Internet access to rural communities all over the world. We partner with rural Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) to refine and tune our software solutions and operational strategies.

We are planning a small (5 developers) software development center somewhere in a beautiful, clean, peaceful, uncongested, and unpolluted part of India, and we’re hiring software developers. It is our belief that such location and culture would attract like-minded individuals who share our vision and desire to make a long-term commitment to our mission. We know that happy coders are not only more productive but also produce a solid, high-quality code, which we care about dearly.

Your duties and responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and development of backend software for operations of WISP. The software includes components such as billing, ticketing system, scheduling, inventory management, etc.
  • Development of network monitoring tools and/or integration of the backend software with third-party network monitoring tools such as Icinga, smokeping, etc.
  • Write tests for features developed.
  • Do code reviews.
  • Refine and improve our Android app for installation of network equipment in the field.


We Are Looking For People Who Have:

  • 2+ years of experience in software product development in a professional setting.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to grasp and convey complex product requirements or technical concepts.
  • Experience with modern software development methodologies and practices, like iterative agile development, test-driven development, git flow and so on.
  • Strong resource management skills and ability to work on concurrent assignments with different priorities.
  • Ability to work with distributed teams, and experience with distributed team management tools.
  • Proficiency with full stack development, OS, back-end, front-end and everything in between.
  • Familiarity with languages and technologies needed for web services development, including (but not limited to) Node.js, Go, Python, Java, REST, SQL and NoSQL Databases.
  • Experience with scripting languages and process automation of remote devices.
  • Pride in the code you produce.
  • A keen interest and ability to learn.

Optional experience and skills:

  • Computer networks — multi-layer routing/switching principles and hands-on experience.
  • Familiarity with networking equipment — routers, switches (especially Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Cisco, pfSense, Linux and BSD networking).
  • Familiarity with networking protocols — MPLS, OSPF, BGP, RSTP, VRRP.
  • Network monitoring — especially through open source tools, Nagios/Icinga, Cacti, Smokeping.
  • Wireless networking and general radio communications, antennas, radio-modems, modulations.
  • Power electronics — especially DC systems, batteries, chargers, solar panels, wind turbines, Power-over-Ethernet.
  • Linux system administration.
  • Worked and/or studies abroad is a plus.
  • This position is suitable for either man or woman.
  • The position is: Full time ; Part-time candidates are welcome to apply as well.
  • Location: Initially it can be work from home, but later move to co-located office.

To apply, please email a short cover letter and your CV to:

We encourage applicants to provide a link to a code-repository where their code could be looked-at. Links to LinkedIn and other relevant information are also encouraged.